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RTCDbg Announcement: Progress after 6 months

I would like to share something with my few fellow people.
6 Months before, I started developing my own Debugger, RTCDbg, which is a tool that will allow for debugging x64 Windows applications. The main goal was to create something that is visually compatible with OllyDbg as well as to maintain the debugger portable, so copy paste and fire.
Progress Progress for the Graphical User Interface: From the beggining, I was developing the GUI controls without the High DPI in mind. That is because the computer that I was using for development does not support such a functionality so I was not really aware of it. Now that I got another computer that supports that High DPI, so I can test the interface on both computer. We will talk about the main menu, what was done ? what is half-done ? what is waiting to be done ?
File menu:
Open : Needs more code to be written.Attach : Not implemented.Exit : Needs more code to be written.View menu:

Log: Not implemented Executable modules: Not implementedMemory …