Why should I play Subway Surfers using mouse ? isn't keyboard cool !

Let's assume that someone forced to work under some circumstances, where no internet access will be available to him (not forever but just for a duration like one week), he will probably click Ctrl+F, write subway, Great, he found a game where he can burn his time.

Let's play for 30 min - 1 hour, probably that person will not be able to reach more high score, his hand will hurt.

I want to make the life of this person easier and better by adding keyboard support to that game (the game is for childs or not that is another story, and not important for me).

I want this feature to become built-in, so the end don't want to do anything other than double click the exe.

Great, It looks like that I'm lucky, UnityEngine is used along with Mono, which is a .NET framework-compatible.

Found something interesting in Assembly-CSharp.dll, Game.HandleControls method, we must add arrow keys support there.

So I modified the IL to get something like that

Great, but unfortunately after running the game, the left and right arrows misbehaved, It behaves as if we clicked the arrow many times, we must figure that out.

Ah, there is another method called Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode) let's try it instead.

Which corresponds to the ILCode:

Well done.


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